Changing Managing Agent - Manchester

Changing managing agent with Casserly Property Management is simple. By getting in touch, we can show you the difference we could make to your property, the quality of service you receive and the money you can save.

We take all the hassle out of the process by directing a smooth handover from your old managing agent, keeping you fully informed along the way.


  • Meet with you & your Residents Management Company
  • Review your current property management arrangement
  • Understand the needs and wishes for your future property management


  • Present our packages to your residents' management company
  • Discuss all elements of our proposals, inviting questions from interested parties
  • Revise our submission based on feedback


  • Manage notifications to managing agent, freeholders and landlord
  • Keep owners and residents fully informed of changes
  • Take on all personal, financial and property information from your previous  managing agent quickly, efficiently and safely
  • Start making a real difference to the quality of your property management

To get the ball rolling, for more information or to have a chat about your specific needs please contact Casserly Property Management.

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