Property Management and the Environment

Casserly Property Management is committed to improving our environmental awareness and performance and introducing best practice, while becoming more environmentally responsible as a business.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of modern times; Casserly Property Management recognises the collective responsibility of business and society in general to take action to reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. We have an active programme to drive resource efficiency and to continuously reduce our environmental impact.

Casserly Property Management actively monitors and targets reductions in energy consumption by offering energy audits on all our managed properties incorporating energy efficiency criteria into our decision-making processes. 

We provide clients with an energy reduction strategy which incorporates innovative ideas and helpful tips to live a carbon efficient lifestyle. Casserly Property Management will discuss with you the most cost-effective way of introducing more efficient equipment such as low energy lighting or renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic panels so that the optimal solutions can be incorporated resulting in lower energy bills and associated CO2 emissions.  Casserly Property Management can also offer advice on finance via the Green Investment Bank (GIB) and Carbon Trust Loans.

We are aware of the impact that our operations and managed properties have on the environment and we work closely with our clients, suppliers & occupiers to ensure that CO2 emissions and waste are kept to a minimum. We are aware of the evolving and expanding environmental statutory framework in which we operate and rigorously comply with all our contractual and statutory obligations.

We adopt a sensitive approach to the management solutions of soft and hard landscapes. These range from woodland and wildlife habitats, water features and drainage to roads and footpaths and play & leisure facilities.

Casserly Property Management's aim is to protect and enhance the environments in which it works.

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