Free Schools  Property  Audit
Free Schools  Property  Audit

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Schools Property Management - Manchester

It is a statutory requirement under a variety of pieces of legislation that school buildings plant and systems are regularly inspected and serviced.  This often means that schools already faced with ever increasing workloads spend a great deal of time ensuring their school complies with the plethora of legal requirements and legislation that is changing almost on a daily basis. Examples of such mechanical and electrical services include:

Other School requirements include:

We do however understand that a schools primary focus is to promote learning and develop the “next generation”. Our objective is to therefore remove this time consuming and arduous burden from schools whilst giving peace of mind to Headteachers, Business Managers and Governors that they are fully compliant with legislation.

The feedback from schools we currently manage regarding their past experiences was one of frustration. The general consensus was that their previous local authority property managers were often found to be inaccessible and unresponsive. They were also concerned that services were becoming increasingly expensive.

Casserly Property Management prides itself on outstanding levels of customer service and value for money. We offer a highly responsive service with a single point of contact. Schools consistently assure us that this level of service far exceeds what they were offered previously.

Every Screen shot
Every Screen shot

One example of this high level of service is that schools have the added benefit of using Every premises management software which is specifically designed for your school. The software has a full audit trial of completed activities with all certificates stored securely online. This extremely user friendly software can be used by the Headteacher, Business Manager or Caretaker alike.

The schools obviously maintain the freedom to decide which works they would like to include in their Service Level Agreement and schools can opt in or out of the various services on an annual basis.

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