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Property Management

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We manage a wide range of commercial property throughout the North West of England including offices, industrial estates and retail units.

Whether you are an institutional investor, property company or a private investor,
our tailored, innovative and pro-active approach will ensure that your property is being managed effectively.

From handling day to day issues to tenant liaison, services procurement and statutory compliance in order to maintain standards of service to your tenants whilst simultaneously delivering value for money.

Why Choose Casserly to Manage your Residential Property?

Exceptional Service

You’ll get a single point of contact, who is experienced and knowledgeable about your property. This ensures a highly responsive and seamless delivery.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured your property is fully compliant. Expect a proactive approach to maintenance, as well as full transparency and out of hours’ support.

Value for Money

We leverage our extensive network of suppliers as well as our industry expertise to provide an efficient service and an excellent value service charge.

Delighted Tenants

A well maintained commercial property ensures happy tenants, helping you secure higher occupancy rates and potentially higher yields.

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Our Commercial Property & Facilities Management Services are always tailored to our client’s specific requirements, but typically include:

  • Opening and handling bank accounts.
  • Preparing and collecting rent demands
  • Preparing and submitting monthly or quarterly VAT Returns to HMRC.
  • Preparing and sending out service charge estimates.
  • Collecting service charges including sending demands and any required statements and sending out demand letters for arrears.
  • Legal recovery of unpaid rent or service charge or action for non-compliance with tenants including instructing solicitors.
  • Liaising with the Client.
  • Arranging buildings and other insurance and dealing with general claims.
  • Entering into and managing maintenance contracts on behalf of the Client.
  • Client meetings.
  • Written and photographed site inspections, without the use of inspection equipment of the common parts of the Property to check condition and deal with any necessary repairs.
  • Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and overseeing such works.
  • Preparing specifications, obtaining tenders and supervising major works.
  • Preparing and monitoring major building works not covered by annual contracts, instructing and liaising with specialist consultants, inspecting work in progress, and handling retentions.
  • Organising periodic health and safety checks and ensuring appropriate risk assessments are in place.
  • Processing payments relating to the Property within expenditure limits and funds available or as reasonable expediency shall dictate.
  • Accounting for rent and services charges.
  • Providing information to accountants prior to the preparation of annual service charge or company accounts.
    Providing reasonable management information to the tenants.
  • Consultation with the client on management matters.
  • Maintaining adequate/suitable files and records on the management of the Property.
  • Engaging and supervising on behalf of the Client site staff for the Property and dealing with all matters. relating to their employment other than pension and Employment Tribunal matters.
  • Dealing with day-to-day tenant issues and reporting to and taking instruction from the Client on tenant’ dissatisfaction.
  • Provision of tenant welcome packs.
  • Advising the Client on all relevant legislative and regulatory issues and general interpretation of leases.
  • Keeping records of tenancy details (where provided).
  • Advising and liaising with the Client on management policy.
  • Providing copy documents including insurance policies, copies of invoices and receipts.
  • The collection of arrears existing at the time of takeover.
  • Negotiating with local and statutory authorities regarding operation or amendment or improvements to communal services as necessary.
  • Reviewing risk assessment. Advising on health and safety matters and other legislative requirements.


“Paul has worked tirelessly with the Board of Directors to help transform a decaying industrial estate into a modern secure business park, enhancing the reputation of the businesses… and the market value of their buildings”​

Mark Wood, Director | Nasmyth Business Park

“Casserly Property Management brought a breath of fresh air and a new energy to the management of our building… their professional approach, pro-active response and communication skills are of the highest level…”​

R. Haugh, Landlord | 8 Hewitt Street

“The service has been first-class. The online portal is excellent with access to all documents and certificates at any time.”​

Stephen Given, Operations Manager | Pod-Track

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