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Residents Update – Covid-19

Please note all Casserly Property Management staff are currently working remotely with access to all our necessary systems in order to minimise disruption. Whilst the office phone lines will remain open as normal we would ask during this period that you contact us by raising a request via the home page when you Login to myproperty Portal or by emailing

We do expect some contractors and service providers to reject call outs or have their own delivery issues during this period however we will endeavour to continue to provide all essential services.

We would also request that any residents that are self-isolating notify us. When you Login to myproperty Portal please complete the ‘Report Self-Isolation Form’. Alternatively you can email

Our guiding property management body, ARMA, have asked us to record all incidences of self-isolation in the blocks of flats we manage. Our tasks are to ascertain if a resident (leaseholder or sub-tenant) in self-isolation is doing so as a precautionary measure (due to illness) or if they have been tested positive for Covid-19.

We are then expected to follow guidance from Public Health England (PHE) to organise the appropriate cleaning of the common parts which would likely be an ongoing task.

We will then notify all residents, any on-site staff and any visiting contractors of the presence in the block of someone self-isolating for precautionary reasons due to illness/symptoms or that they have been tested positive for Covid-19. Please ensure you have registered with myproperty Portal in order to ensure you receive all email notifications about your development as we are unable to send out letters by post during this period of lockdown.

We remind residents to take extra care in maintaining high standards of hygiene, including hand washing and to limit or avoid touching doors, push plates, handrails, lift buttons etc.

Please note the below link to the stay at home guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection:

Stay safe everyone and look after those around you in these unprecedented times.

Stay Informed

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